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Trend Forecasting 

New trends are tracked two season in advance of the development of each collection, according to multiple environmental factors. The purpose is to outline the main themes for the next season, and to identify the color directions.

Trend Forecasting means thinking forward, inferring from what's currently around to predict what will be in the future: it’s the starting point of every collection.

Each new trend is put together from scratch, following contingent signals as clues, until it acquires a clear profile: key colors and shapes, patterns and materials.

Trend Analysis involves the production of two kinds of reports.

Trend Reports are meant to be visual guides to each season, translating the main themes into application, and allowing customers to process all the collected information.

Runway Reports on the other hand show forward driving trends and factors that will still be influential on future collections, both from major designers as well as from emerging ones.

Both reports are structured by key looks, themes and styles.

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